Tour Options for People with Special Needs

At Ramat Hanadiv, we welcome groups of visitors with special needs.
Accompanied by one of our guides, you will be able to have a custom-made visit tailored to your group, complete with a tour or workshop in the Memorial Gardens, the Visitors Pavilion, or at  the accessible Therapeutic Garden. We will be happy to help plan your day out and activities suitable to your specific group.
L’hitra’ot — see you soon!

לקויי ראייה עם כלב נחייה בגן הוורדים

Tour for the Blind and Visually Challenged
A Ramat Hanadiv guide will welcome the group and join it for the film, ‘Beyond the Gardens’. After the screening, the group will tour the Memorial Gardens, which were established to commemorate Baron Edmond de Rothschild and his wife Adelaide.
The tour will proceed along the rustic lanes of the gardens featuring fountains, medicinal plants, intoxicating scents and fresh sea breezes, all of which will help us tell the story of the Rothschild family and its many contributions to the building of Israel.
To complete the Ramat Hanadiv experience and the sensory empowerment it offers, we will enter the Fragrance Garden, created especially for the visually impaired. This garden is meant to be enjoyed via other senses than sight.
At its entrance stands a relief map of the garden, next to it is a pool with streams of water that act as an ‘audio compass’. Around the perimeter of the garden are beds of herbs used for seasoning and healing, with Braille signs identifying the plants.

The tour lasts about 1 1/2 hours.
Cost: NIS 650. Suitable for groups of 25 or less.

For your convenience: In our InfoShop you can borrow pamphlets in Braille for self-guided tours.
We recommend that you reserve them in advance. Contact: 04-6298124 ext. 4 .

Ramat Hanadiv Gardens, May 2018, Zichron Yaacov, Israel.


To Paint Without Borders

In the enchanted country atmosphere of the gardens, under the guidance of an artist, we offer art workshops suited to wheelchair-bound visitors and others with special needs. This is a wonderful opportunity to take a break from daily life, to imbibe seasonal inspiration from nature, and to express oneself through one’s own creativity. You’ll be amazed to discover that the creative process works the very first time, even for those who’ve never dabbled before in art!

The workshop lasts about one hour.
Every participant receives a drawing board, sheets of paper, and paints.
Cost: NIS 850. Suitable for groups of 25 or less.




Workshop: Healing Herbs

Healing herbs have accompanied human beings since the dawn of history. These plants helped heal illnesses, bodily pains, and emotional distress, and they were always there for the benefit of humankind.
This tour will illuminate the enormous contributions that plants have made to our emotional and physical health. Guided gathering of herbs in the immediate surroundings gives the group experience in identifying useful plants and their benefits.
At the end of the ‘harvesting’ experience, the group gathers in a classroom to experiment with the plants: extracting oils, juicing, and brewing. When the workshop concludes, all participants go home with ointments they’ve created themselves to heal cuts and injuries, and with prescriptions for continuing a healthy life.
The tour and workshop last about 1 1/2 to 2 hours.
Cost: NIS 1600 per group. Suitable for groups of 30 or less.


The Rhythm Connection

The possibility of expanding the circle of non-verbal communication with a range of sounds is wonderful for everyone, and particularly for people with special needs. Everyone who can bang their hands on drums and other percussion instruments will find ways to express themselves and connect with others around them.

The workshop is led by a musician who teaches basic rhythms and rhythm games, and who has learned how liberating musical and rhythmic activities can bring out the best, and the most joy, from every individual and every group.

The workshop lasts about one hour.

Cost: NIS 1200 per group (up to 25 participants).

בניית ספסלים מצמיגים


From the Garden with Love

In our magical garden, tranquility fosters creativity, and extensive activities encourage personal expression: using plants, recycled items, and materials from nature that are no longer useful, participants can make a variety of creative objects.

A wide range of activities offered includes a wind-chime workshop; making one’s own flower bed; decorating flower pots with natural materials, and more.

The activities last about one hour.

Cost: NIS 650 per group. Suitable for up to 20 participants.

These workshops are customized according to the needs and capabilities of the group. The Therapeutic Garden at Ramat Hanadiv is equipped with tables that accommodate wheelchairs.

Please note:
With advance notice, wheelchairs can be borrowed from the InfoShop. To reserve, contact 04-629 8111, ext. 4.
Accessible paths are marked in blue on the map of the Memorial Gardens.

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Tour Options for People with Special Needs

Accompanied by one of our guides, you will be able to have a custom-made visit tailored to your group

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Sustainable Gardening

Sustainable gardening is defined as gardening that considers the needs of the current generation without harming the needs of future generations. It includes garden design that considers the existing elements on site – the landscape, soil, environment and vegetation suitable for the region

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Dining-The Picnic Site

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