Baron Edmond de Rothschild (1845 - 1934) played an unparalleled role in the history of the State of Israel and the destiny of the Jewish people


CONCORDIA (harmony), INTEGRITAS (integrity) and INDUSTRIA (industry), represent the values that guided the family’s actions

The Story of Ramat Hanadiv

Ramat Hanadiv’s story begins with one man and his grand dream: Baron Edmond de Rothschild. His efforts to encourage and facilitate life in Eretz Israel at the start of modern Jewish settlement were driven by his vision, values, and passion. To this day, Ramat Hanadiv carries on the work to ensure a healthy place to live, which balances the needs of humankind, nature and the environment.
Inspired by the Baron’s legacy, we strive to be a living memorial to his extraordinary achievements, to provide a unique experience for those visiting the gardens and nature, and to serve as a dynamic hub for research and innovation.
We invite you to stroll among the pages of Ramat Hanadiv’s history and to discover how, as the years passed, it was transformed from a memorial site to the Baron to a living, developing organization dedicated to the environment and to instilling the values of sustainability in the general public and, in particular, the communities of the region.

הביקור הראשון של רוטשילד בארץ - הברון ופמלייתו

The House of Rothschild

Baron Edmond de Rothschild's extraordinary personality and endeavours were shaped by his family's singular heritage. By the time he was born, the Rothschilds were world famous for their contributions to the eco


Ramat Hanadiv Timeline

Who lived at this spot 70,000 years ago? What major event took place in the gardens in 1954? And what's been going on at Ramat Hanadiv ever since then?
We invite you to find out by getting into a virtual time


Sustainability - Between People and their Environment

Ramat Hanadiv - An Experience of Nature and Man - respect the past, present and future to inspire a sustainable living environment.