Sharing Our Knowledge

Ramat Hanadiv has always place great importance on continuing the legacy of the Baron in the fields of innovation, learning and research. Site management is based on scientific and professional knowledge, and the great knowledge that has accumulated over the years. We are happy to share it with you.
Our fields of research revolve around the interactions among humans, nature and environment – from intelligent management of the Nature Park, which for 30 years has been based on continuous research activity alongside long-term monitoring of different variables, through development of educational programmes and persistently searching for professional and sustainable gardening, to studying the human factor and strengthening the connection with the community.
In this section we are happy to present the abundance of knowledge we have accumulated through research, horticulture, education and the Partnership for Regional Sustainability. Our database can also be viewed on maps, which can be found in our maps and applications portal.
You are welcome to enter, read, use, ask and learn. We are here to answer all of your questions and requests.


Educational Programs

The goal of Ramat Hanadiv’s involvement in education is to create an affinity between man and the environment by creating wonderful experiences while giving knowledge of the natural systems and human systems in


Research and Ecosystem Management

Ramat Hanadiv's research aims to provide the scientific basis for the Nature Park management, enrich scientific knowledge, and build a long term database for the future to come. Since 1984, numerous studies


Professional and Sustainable Horticulture

The rationale guiding the Gardening Department is the maintenance and
nurturing of the Memorial Gardens that perpetuate the memory of Baron Rothschild, for the well-beingand enjoyment of the public; maintaining