Accessibility arrangements at Ramat Hanadiv

Ramat Hanadiv works hard to make its services accessible to the diverse community of people with disabilities in order to provide an enjoyable visitor experience for all those entering its gates. If you encounter a problem or you have a special request related to accessibility, you’re welcome to contact us in one of the following ways:
telephone; 04-6298136, fax:0 04-6399117, or e-mail

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The Memorial Gardens and Visitors Pavilion are accessible except for the burial crypt.

Parking for people with disabilities:

There are marked parking bays for people with disabilities in the main carpark and in the second carpark. The footpaths adjacent to these parking bays are lowered.

Toilets for people with disabilities:

In all of the places where public toilets are located there are also designated toilets for people with disabilities


Where to eat?

The on-site restaurant, ”Mata’im”, is an accessible restaurant with accessible toilets.

Likewise, there are accessible tables with an accessible access trail in the picnic area

Assistance for people with disabilities:

  • Hearing aids for the hearing-impaired are available in the InfoShop, classroom, film hall, auditorium and guided tours. For your convenience – contact us (tel: 04-6298111 ext. 4) and update us prior to your arrival to receive fast, convenient service.
  • Wheelchairs can be borrowed at the InfoShop – for a visit to the Gardens and Visitors Pavilion.
  • Information booklets in braille can be obtained from the InfoShop.
  • For the convenience of the sight-impaired a relief map of the Fragrance Garden has been installed at its entrance.
  • Accessible visits to the Nature Park on a trekker (wheelchair adapted to rough terrain), in partnership with Paratrek can be arranged. To arrange your visit please call 04-6298111 ext. 4.

Website accessibility:

Ramat Hanadiv invests effort and resources in making its website accessible so that people with disabilities can use and enjoy it.

Restrictions to website accessibility:

As a rule, all of the website’s pages were constructed as accessible pages according to the AA standard.

Nevertheless, despite our efforts to make all of the website’s pages accessible, it may be that some parts of the website are not yet accessible.

We note that several pages contain external components that are out of our control and not accessible; thus, the following pages do not meet the accessibility standard:

Of further interest...


The Fragrance Garden

The Fragrance Garden, established in 1985, is the youngest of the Memorial Gardens. Seeking a way to enable people with limited or no eyesight to enjoy the flowers, Mme. Dorothy de Rothschild initiated the Fragrance Garden

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Horticultural Therapy at Ramat Hanadiv

Many studies have demonstrated the link between a green environment, nature or flowering gardens and feelings of calmness and serenity, enjoyment and vitality

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Dining Here


To complete your Ramat Hanadiv experience, you are cordially invited to enjoy the culinary pleasures of Mata’im, the cafe-restaurant on our premises.

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