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Spines, Fangs, Horns

Come with us for a magical walk in the footsteps of the secret animals of Ramat Hanadiv and you might meet a besotted pair of porcupines who can’t find each other, a doe setting out on a fateful demonstration for the future of does in Israel, or a greedy wild boar who wants to turn the entire garden into a public toilet.


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Are you ready to be professional forest detectives?

If you love nature, join a forest detective for a special training session and discover the secrets of the nearby forest.
A creative and surprising experiential encounter in nature, this is an opportunity for the whole family to take part and move things forward until the puzzle is solved.


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forest detective LR

A Photography Exhibition in the Nature Park

“Following Nature’s Lead” is our way to use the camera lens to capture the magic that takes place here at any given moment and pay it forward. Through their unique, sensitive eyes, 80 photographers selected moments in which they followed nature’s lead; Twenty of them were selected for the exhibition that is on display on the lawn at the entrance to the gardens.
Come and visit!

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The Garden’s Secret

Are you clever, daring, and a lover of action?
Join a journey in time with a confused scientist, who has come directly to us, in the heart of the Gardens, from the future!
Help us discover the critical secret to the future of humanity. the secret that will save the planet.

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Tools at Rest – An Active Trail about Taking a Break

This easy, pleasant trail, with seven inspirational stations for children and adults, will encourage you to think about what Shmita means for you. The stations provide a new, surprising perspective on the role and importance of rest in our lives.

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Tai Chi in the Gardens – Time for a Time‑out!

In a rut? No time to breathe? There’s a remedy: Extract yourself from the daily grind and be transported to a totally different space just a few minutes away from home — at a Tai Chi class in the beautiful green heart of Ramat Hanadiv.

From 75.00ILS

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Ramat Hanadiv Gardens, Zichron Yaacov, Israel.

Time to Make a Masterpiece!

When sunlight falls on the palm trees in the Garden at different times of day, when the colorful roses are blooming in full force, when clouds waft over the Gardens in a multitude of formations…this is the time and the place to reveal the artist inside you.

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Of further interest...


Visually Impaired

Many trails traverse the Memorial Gardens. We recommend this route, but you can choose to walk another route

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Establishment of the Partnership for Regional Sustainability

In 2015, Ramat Hanadiv established the Partnership for Regional Sustainability, aiming to combine forces for the quality of life in the region.

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Dining Here

Dining-The Picnic Site

The picnic area is located near the secondary parking lot. You are welcome to spend time there before or after your tour of the Gardens.

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