The Giving Tree

We have a tree for you that will be very happy if you use it. It exists to please us and fulfill our needs in many ways.

 is a social enterprise which aims to promote environmental awareness and sustainability, to create a link between the community environment.
the us powered by solar panels that produce energy directly from the sun.
 is an enterprise social-environmental / ecological sculpture / BBQ / space / public space mole / street:
 an independent unit that produces green energy and provides everyone a place of comfort and energy for a wide variety of services.

grant all those who come to take shelter in the shade: 

•     shaded recreation area with benches designed below
•     docking station to charge smartphones and tablets
•     Services Free Wi Fi
•     slimming drink cold water
•    Night lighting (bright top lighting / LED lamps)
•    LCD screen which provides information such as the amount of electricity generation

by the tree, valuable information about the educational environment and dialogue data between
trees indifferent locations through  LCD screens.

•     All possible electrical consumers such as a pump to operate the fountain…
•     a water trough for animals

Safety:   is safe and accessible to everyone. Is radiation-free and immune from electrocution and meets stringent safety standards. The  has been designed, assembled and creates strict with several engineers including safety engineer.
adapts to the environment. It can be placed in residential areas and in urban areas, courtyards schools and universities, parks and along hiking trails. You can also place the tree’s broad cultural institutions and museums as, a cultural icon and a symbol of community, environmental and green education.

provide green energy and a place of comfort in diverse settings and according to different requirements of specific sites: Site Specific
is a material (not mechanical) designed for many years and provides the very existence of the company needs, thinking about the supportive community. Educational value –


Everyone is talking about sustainability, ecology and environment, the   binds them all into practice.
•    Community – communication “between woody” (local access to application), a meeting place and social sharing.
•    Giving – energy products and services previously supplied for a free, will be given free to everyone now.

grant the favors 24 hours a day, 7 days a week directly from the sun for the welfare of the people.
The company and the developer
Solargiving company aims to promote awareness of sustainability educational experience in direct practice with everyday life.
The company deals with  solar products accessible to users.
The  developed in recognition of the depth of application capabilities for photovoltaic and supported by a team that included:
• Safety and construction engineer
• Basic building construction and
• Materials Engineer
• Electrical Engineer

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Dining Here


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