Rules of Behavior at the Nature Park

nature park trail
Nature conservation at Ramat Hanadiv is performed as part of an effort to conserve nature and open landscapes in Israel.
Ramat Hanadiv conserves an open landscape covering about 450 hectares of natural woodland including a range of natural, landscape and archeological values characteristic of the region.
Information about the habitats, animals, plants and landscape values characteristic of Ramat Hanadiv is gathered through surveys and research studies that take place on site. The information and research also deal with threats to, and necessary conditions for, the existence and rehabilitation of stable populations of plants and animals that existed here during the last hundred years.
  • Many wild animals live in the nature park. When darkness falls, make way and let them move safely and freely.
  • Dogs, our good friends, are not part of the ecosystem of the nature park.
  • In order to prevent harm to wild animals, please keep your dogs on a leash.
  • The nature park is under constant threat of fire. Lighting a fire in the park is prohibited!
  • Making a fire is permitted only in the picnic area near the gardens!
  • The hiking trails are designated for pedestrians.
  • Cycling is permitted only on vehicle trails!
  • You are welcome to take photographs and videos, but due to safety and privacy considerations, we ask you to avoid using drones for this purpose.
  • Please stay only on the marked trails.
  • Ramat Hanadiv works hard to maintain cleanliness of the park’s areas for both nature and our visitors to the park. Your cooperation is important to us.
    Together we will keep nature clean!

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נגישות בשטח

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