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The Garden’s Secret

Are you clever, daring, and a lover of action?

Join a journey in time with a confused scientist, who has come directly to us, in the heart of the Gardens, from the future! Help us discover the critical secret to the future of humanity. the secret that will save the planet.

A challenging, escape-room kind of adventure, accompanied by real, living actors, in the great outdoors.

Will you manage to meet the goal? Will you successfully reveal the Garden’s secret?

A surprise prize awaits those who solve the question!

The kit can be purchased at the information shop (during the visit) at a cost of 55 NIS.

Please note, the price is for one game kit for the whole family (not per participant).

Ramat Hanadiv, Passover 2021, Zichron Yaacov Israel.
Photo by Yadid Levy

Important information:

  1. The game is recommended for groups of 5 people.
  2. It is designed for ages 7 and above.
  3. It takes about 2 hours to complete.
  4. The game is not competitive or time-limited.
  5. The area where the game is held is accessible to baby strollers/prams and wheelchairs.

* Please note: The game will be in Hebrew only.

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