The Footprint Garden

Near the Visitors Pavilion, a garden was set up in the shape of a footprint and planted with butterfly-attracting vegetation. This garden symbolises our participation in the worldwide concern about the earth’s dwindling natural resources due to human exploitation. The increasing concern today is that if nothing changes, the resources’ shrinking will prevent their regeneration. The garden represents the ‘ecological footprint’ concept, which proposes a method to measure natural resource consumption by each and every one of us, and demonstrates the inability of the earth to provide these resources in the long term.

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Tour Options for People with Special Needs

Accompanied by one of our guides, you will be able to have a custom-made visit tailored to your group

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Sustainable Gardening

Gardening in the previous century was characterized by high-maintenance garden design, ostentatious use of plants and inanimate elements foreign to the environment, and overuse of non-environmentally friendly fertilizers and pest control agents

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Dining Here


Refresh yourself at the Kiosk with a drink or snack. The kiosk is open daily.

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