The Chalcolithic Period – Horvat Eleq at Ramat Hanadiv

In excavations conducted in Horvat Eleq at Ramat Hanadiv, no remains of buildings from this period were found; the main discoveries included a flint hatchet (in the attached photo), used by the site’s residents as a tool for agricultural activities, and a shard of a butter churn, used to produce dairy products. This discovery hints at the presence of humans and human activity in Horvat Eleq already during this period. The name of the Chalcolithic period can be explained by the meanings of its Greek components: chalcos – copper and lithos – stone. This period witnessed the first use of metal tools alongside stone tools.

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Memorial Gardens Main Entrance

The main entrance to the Memorial Gardens – located next to the Visitors Pavilion. In the entrance plaza are temporary exhibitions on a range of subjects promoted by Ramat Hanadiv

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Sustainable Gardening

Sustainable gardening is defined as gardening that considers the needs of the current generation without harming the needs of future generations. It includes garden design that considers the existing elements on site – the landscape, soil, environment and vegetation suitable for the region

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Dining Here

Dining-The Picnic Site

The picnic area is located near the secondary parking lot. You are welcome to spend time there before or after your tour of the Gardens.

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