Mata'im Restaurant
The Picnic Site

Refresh yourself at the Kiosk with a drink or snack. The kiosk is open daily.
The kiosk at Ramat Hanadiv is open every day of the week.
• Freshly-made vegetable salads, the locavore’s delight
• Mauro coffee, choice of true java lovers
• Sweets and snack foods to please the kids
• Cold drinks and hot
• Ice cream and other frozen treats for all

Opening Hours during Rosh Hashana

Sunday25.9.22 Erev Rosh HashanahClosed
Monday26.9.22 Rosh Hashana I08:00 – 16:00
Tuesday27.9.22 Rish Hashana II08:00 – 16:00

Opening Hours during Yom Kippur

Monday04.10.22 Erev Yom KippurClosed
Tuesday05.10.22 Yom KippurClosed

Opening Hours during Sukkot

Sunday09.10.22 Erev Sukkot08:00-14:00
Monday10.10.22 Sukkot08:00-16:00
Tuesday11.10.22 Sukkot  (Day 1)08:00-16:00
Wednesday12.10.22 Sukkot (Day 2)08:00-16:00
Thursday13.10.22 Sukkot  (Day 3)08:00-16:00
Friday14.10.22 Sukkot (Day 4)08:00-14:00
Saturday15.10.22 Hoshana Raba08:00-16:00
Sunday16.10.22 Shmini Atzeret08:00-14:00
Monday17.10.22 Simchat Torah08:00-16:00
Tuesday18.10.22 Isru Chag08:00-16:00

Of further interest...


Visually Impaired

Many trails traverse the Memorial Gardens. We recommend this route, but you can choose to walk another route

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Establishment of the Partnership for Regional Sustainability

In 2015, Ramat Hanadiv established the Partnership for Regional Sustainability, aiming to combine forces for the quality of life in the region.

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Dining Here


To complete your Ramat Hanadiv experience, you are cordially invited to enjoy the culinary pleasures of Mata’im, the cafe-restaurant on our premises.

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