Mata'im Restaurant
The Picnic Site

Refresh yourself at the Kiosk with a drink or snack. The kiosk is open daily.
The kiosk at Ramat Hanadiv is open every day of the week.
• Freshly-made vegetable salads, the locavore’s delight
• Mauro coffee, choice of true java lovers
• Sweets and snack foods to please the kids
• Cold drinks and hot
• Ice cream and other frozen treats for all

Opening Hours during Passover:

Friday, Holiday Eve.15.04.22Closed
Saturday, Passover16.04.228:00-18:00
Sunday, Mid-festival (Hol Ha-mo’ed), Day 117.04.228:00-18:00
Monday, Mid-festival (Hol Ha-mo’ed), Day 218.04.228:00-18:00
Tuesday, Mid-festival (Hol Ha-mo’ed), Day 319.04.228:00-18:00
Wednesday, Mid-festival (Hol Ha-mo’ed), Day 420.04.228:00-18:00
Thursday, Mid-festival (Hol Ha-mo’ed), Day 521.04.228:00-14:00
Friday, Shviee Shel Pesach22.04.228:00-14:00
Saturday, Isru Hag23.04.228:00-16:00

Opening Hours Durin Independence Day:

Tuesday, Erev Yom HaZikaron03.05.228:00-16:00
Wednesday, Yom HaZikaron04.05.22Closed
Thursday, Independence Day05.05.228:00-16:00

Opening Hours During Shavuot:

Saturday, Erev Shavuot04.06.2208:00-14:00
Sunday, Shavuot05.06.2208:00-18:00
Monday, Isru Hag06.06.2208:00-16:00

Of further interest...


Physically Disabled in the Gardens

Many trails traverse the Memorial Gardens. We recommend this route, but you
can choose to walk another route.

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Horticultural Therapy at Ramat Hanadiv

Many studies have demonstrated the link between a green environment, nature or flowering gardens and feelings of calmness and serenity, enjoyment and vitality

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Dining Here


Refresh yourself at the Kiosk with a drink or snack. The kiosk is open daily.

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