Solar Energy at Ramat Hanadiv
The importance of solar energy lies in it being a renewable energy source produced continually by the sun’s rays. In sun-drenched countries, such as Israel, this energy is an infinite resource. Moreover, the process of exploiting solar energy for production of electricity is considered to be clean and environmentally friendly, in contrast to the processes for producing electricity from coal, oil and gas, which as we know, pollute the atmosphere and are among the main causes of climate change and global warming.
In 2010 we installed solar panels for energy production at Ramat Hanadiv, on the roof of one of the service buildings; they produce 14,000 kWh of electricity per year.
Furthermore, Ramat Hanadiv uses solar facilities in everyday operations: a large number of  solar torches, installed throughout the gardens, for outdoor lighting at night; solar fans installed in the storehouses at Ramat Hanadiv; a system of electric fences, activated by a solar electric pulse generator, installed in the park, to prevent the cattle herd from moving to undesired areas; sculptured solar trees ‘planted’ in the Footprint Garden and in the (planned) Sustainability Garden to cool the drinking water for visitors and raise awareness about the importance of solar energy; a system of smoke/fire detectors, powered by solar panels, installed in the gardens; and a communications cabinet with a solar panel connected to cameras that document the movement of animals under route 652.

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Accessible Trails

We have worked hard to make our buildings, infrastructure and service accessible to special sectors of the population so that everyone can enjoy an accessible and enjoyable visit to the Memorial Gardens and Nature Park.

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Establishment of the Partnership for Regional Sustainability

In 2015, Ramat Hanadiv established the Partnership for Regional Sustainability, aiming to combine forces for the quality of life in the region.

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Dining Here


Refresh yourself at the Kiosk with a drink or snack. The kiosk is open daily.

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