Pink-Red-Yellow-White on the Manor Trail

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Do you want to see cyclamens, anemones, squills, shepherd’s needles and carpets of flowers? The Manor Trail (red) in the Nature Park is currently the winning choice. You’re welcome to walk along this diverse, flowering circular trail suitable for families. The spring blooming is at its peak!


The access road to Ramat Hanadiv brings everyone who drives, runs, rides or walks, into the magical world of nature. To the left is a wonderful view of the Nature Park down to Shuni and Binyamina, and to the right, cyclamens paint the traffic island between the lanes in pink and provide a glimpse of the beautiful spring blooming that is now at its peak. By the time your eyes adjust to the tranquillity and beauty, you’ll reach the carpark and Head of the Trails square, where the red trail, which we recommend at the moment, begins and ends. This circular trail, part of which is marked with the markings of the Israel Trail that passes through Ramat Hanadiv, is suitable for the entire family (4 km, about two hours’ walking). The trail marked in red is called the Manor Trail after the Byzantine manor, Hirbet Mantzur al-Aqav, located on the trail, at the highest point of Ramat Hanadiv.

You can see the following flowers along the trail:


Lots of cyclamens (Cyclamen persicum) in shades of white-pink and fuchsia along the entire trail and in beautiful clusters, mainly in the southern part of the pine grove, Egyptian campion (Silene aegyptiaca), common stork’s-bill (Erodium cicutarium), crane stork’s-bill (Erodium gruinum), Common Gladiolus(Gladiolus italicus) and pink butterfly orchid (Anacamptis papilionacea).


Anemones (Anemone coronaria), mostly red, but with purple ones here and there.


Annual clary (Salvia viridis), which looks like it’s waving a purple flag at the top of its flowering stalk, Syrian Cornflower-thistle (Centaurea cyanoides), Cynoglossum creticum and  Barbary Nut (Gynandriris sisyrinchium) .


Shepherd’s needle (Scandix pecten-veneris), a flower from the Apiaceae family with a delicate inflorescence that covers large areas, common Roman squill (Bellevalia flexuosa) with tubular flowers, shield clover (Trifolium clypeatum) in a shade of pinkish-white, early virgin’s-bower (Clematis cirrhosa) – this climber has finished flowering, but its fruits with their feathery fringes cover the woodland shrubs over which it climbs with a hairy down, particularly in the segment of the trail that rises towards the manor, Egyptian Alkanet (Anchusa aegyptiaca), and branched asphodel (Asphodelus ramosus) – which is just beginning to flower.


Jerusalem spurge (Euphorbia hierosolymitana), which flowers in round, hedgehog-like clusters, holy hawk’s beard (Crepis sancta), groundsels (Senecio) and spiny broom (Calicotome villosa). As the season progresses, the area will become yellower and yellower with the flowering mustard (Sinapis) and chrysanthemums take over.

Light blue:

Blunt nonea (Nonea obtusifolia), a tiny, delicate flower – let’s see if you can find it!

Other points of interest along the trail: ancient quarries, the cypress and pine groves, Horvat Aqav, the lookout over the coastal plain and Mt. Carmel, restored ancient farmlands and more.

Details of the trail and additional information: The Manor Trail


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