Ramat Hanadivs' Concept Store


As soon as you enter the shop at Ramat Hanadiv, it’s clear that this is not just any ordinary store: from the white wood alcoves and their displays of original, ‘green’ items to the contemporary designs made of recycled materials,  you feel the very special spirit that pervades all of Ramat Hanadiv — the spirit of nature and sustainability.

The shop resembles a gallery: a clean, brightly-lit interior embellished with original, attractive accessories — rainbow-coloured handles, racks, and sensitive photographs of nature — all created from unexpected elements like well-worn gardeners’ aprons and empty compost sacks that were collected and preserved by the staff of Ramat Hanadiv. Altogether, they make for a unique and welcoming environment.

The Concept Store, which also serves as Ramat Hanadiv’s Visitors’ Information Centre, is located between the Nature Park and the Memorial Gardens.


Baron Edmond de Rothschild. It offers a different kind of shopping experience, with ‘green’ and recycled products galore. There’s something here for everyone, of every age, to take home as a memento of  a wonderful visit to Ramat Hanadiv.

Look for these goodies – and many more! – in the Concept Store:

  • Recycled, solar, and multi-use products
  • Accessories for the amateur gardener — hand tools, planting kits, potted herbs and flowers from the Ramat Hanadiv nursery
  • Items to enhance your leisure time and vacations
  • Books, articles and studies published by Ramat Hanadiv
  • Sustainability-inspired jewelry and other handcrafted works
  • Games and creativity projects for kids, in the spirit of Ramat Hanadiv

Free parking following purchases totalling at least 200 NIS at the InfoShop.

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