Cycling Policy at Ramat Hanadiv

In order to preserve the values of the Nature Park, we ask cyclists to ride only on the marked bike paths and to strictly observe the following rules:

  • The park is open to the public during daylight hours only.
  • Avoid scaring the wild animals.
  • Biking is allowed on all the dirt (4X4) roads, and on the marked bike paths. Bikes are not permitted on the hiking paths.
  • Respect nature! In order to minimize the danger to wildlife, the landscape, and cultural heritage, do not veer off the marked bike paths. Off-road biking can cause direct damage to flora and fauna, soil, archaeological sites, etc.
  • Detouring around obstacles is forbidden. Get off your bike and bypass any obstacles safely ‒ on foot.
  • You alone are responsible for your visit to the Nature Park. Please take strict personal safety measures and use the bike path best suited to your abilities and weather conditions.
  • Avoid sudden stops on your bike. Locking your wheels when braking damages the path.
  • Bikers are not allowed to cut corners or curves on the path.
  • To minimize its impact on the path and on the animals nearby, biking is allowed only in small groups [not more than X??? bicycles?].
  • At sensitive times of the year ‒  during the gazelles’ birthing season, for instance, or the nesting season of ground birds, or the flowering of endangered species ‒ it is likely that certain sections of the bike paths will be closed to riders. Explanatory signs will be posted at these spots.


  • Bikers are responsible for wearing appropriate safety equipment.
  • All riders must choose the bike path best suited to their own skills.
  • It is forbidden to create dirt jumps or place any kind of jump device on the paths, or to otherwise change or modify the existing routes.
  • Any biker who encounters a safety hazard while riding is requested to report it as soon as possible to the InfoShop, tel. 04-629-8111, ext. 4.

To take a longer ride, bikers can link up with other bike paths in the area. We invite you to take advantage of Ramat Hanadiv’s comfortable facilities and beautiful gardens at the start and/or end of your ride.

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