Bike trails at Ramat Hanadiv’s Nature Park

Ramat Hanadiv has set up two bike trails. The  trails offer cyclists in the Nature Park a unique cycling experience, as they pass through a range of sites around the park. Cyclists will enjoy a trail that combines nature values, archeological sites and observation points that offer a view of the park’s landscape.

Planning of the bike trails gave consideration to both the needs of cyclists and awareness of conservation of the local wild animals and Mediterranean vegetation that create the park’s unique character. For this purpose, the trail planners met with cyclists from the region in order to learn about their needs and hear their suggestions, which were assimilated into the development of the trails that were set up.

One trail is designed for experienced cyclists and the second for easy, outdoor cycling, suitable for families:

The woodland trail (marked in light blue) – offers easy riding along a 7.5 km route on dirt tracks. The trail is suitable for both families and less-experienced cyclists. Along the length of the trail, cyclists will pass many points of interest including: the vulture cage, a view of Nadiv River under the pergola, Horvat ‘Aqav – a farm house from the Byzantine Period and a view of the coastal plain. The trail ends at the picnic area.

The cliff trail (marked in orange) – offers a more challenging, 10-km route that combines 4WD tracks and single track sections and is suitable for more experienced cyclists. Along the length of the trail, cyclists will pass by the vulture cage, a view of Nadiv River under the pergola, Horvat Aqav and a view of the coastal plain, the tumulus field – round stone burial structures, the canary pine grove – a view of Gazelle Valley, Ein Zur Spring, the fortification – Horvat ‘Eleq, Beit Khouri and the picnic grove.

Some of the sections are common to both trails and are marked in both colors.

Cyclists who are interested in a longer trail are welcome to continue south in the direction of the Binyamina quarry and to join the Ehud trails at Mt. Horeshan, the Taninim River trail, the commuting trail to Binyamina and other cycling trails.

Bikes, Nature, and In-between

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The Fragrance Garden

The Fragrance Garden, established in 1985, is the youngest of the Memorial Gardens. Seeking a way to enable people with limited or no eyesight to enjoy the flowers, Mme. Dorothy de Rothschild initiated the Fragrance Garden

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The Footprint Garden

The term ‘ecological footprint’ is taking shape in the western part of the Visitors Pavilion. A large gardening plot shaped like a foot lies in the middle of the area, with the heel pointing north, and the five toes, as one unit – to the south.

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Dining Here


To complete your Ramat Hanadiv experience, you are cordially invited to enjoy the culinary pleasures of Mata’im, the cafe-restaurant on our premises.

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