Scents and Personal Fragrance Design Workshop

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Ramat Hanadiv is pleased to offer a new workshop for groups, celebrating the season and colors of spring. The workshop is hosted by Idit Kugel, owner of ID Perfumes, a unique brand for boutique fragrances. Idit has a BA degree in psychology as well as an MBA, and for many years she held key positions in international cosmetics and fragrance companies such as Revlon, Burberry, Lalique and Johnson & Johnson. Three years ago she decided to fulfill her dream of introducing people to the enchanted world of fragrances through innovative and creative means.
The workshop at Ramat Hanadiv begins with a tour of the Fragrance Garden, where participants experience the natural scents of plants and herbs, and continues inside where they blend personal fragrances.
Personalized fragrances are a new concept in Israel, allowing each participant to suit a fragrance to his/her own personality and character.

Participants are sure to have a wonderful experience!
The workshop discusses the emotional connection we all have to scents and the ways in which they trigger memories, teaches about the ingredients used to manufacture fragrances, how fragrances are derived from those ingredients and how deceiving our sense of small can be…
This unique workshop is offered in a limited number of places throughout Israel.
The tour and workshop lasts about 2 hours, including the tour and the preparation of participants’ personalized fragrances.
Cost: NIS 2500 per group. Suitable for up to 25 people or less. (NIS 80 for additional participant)

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