And in the seventh year...RENEW

“Almost everything in the world is new, remarkably new. We cannot afford to stop learning, or to curb our curiosity in the face of new things, or to lose our humility in the presence of new situations”. (Eleanor Roosevelt)


The Shmita year allows the soil to replenish its energy after it’s been used for six years, cultivated, and exploited. The soil is not the only resource that we overuse. Utilising renewable sources like solar energy reduces unnecessary damage to nature and to its perishable resources.

Just like the earth Shmita Is an opportunity for people to renew themselves, as the land does.

Turn your Shmita Trail toolbox into something else – a nesting box for the bird great tit (Parus major).  This songbird will be happy to find a safe place during the nesting season, and you will be helping to support the bird population in Israel.

All you have to do: Push out the opening of the box where it’s marked and hang it in your home garden or balcony.

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