The Solar Tree

We expect trees to give us shade and provide us with fruit, but one tree that charges mobile phones challenges its natural forest brothers and proves that innovation can strike roots

The solar tree at the Sustainability Garden

At the heart of Ramat Hanadiv, among thousands of trees, stands one unique tree that can charge your telephone and provide you with cold drinking water – the solar tree.

The tree, which reaches a height of three and half metres, absorbs energy from the sun 24/7 thanks to giant solar panels that simultaneously produce energy and provide shade. It acts as a source of power and energy that also has the ability to charge its environment.

The tree, which was established in 2014, is in fact the first solar tree in Israel; it was built by Selogic Technologies, a company that provides the public with products based on solar energy and presents sustainability as an educational, community experience. At Ramat Hanadiv, we encourage innovation and action in the field of sustainability, so that the ‘planting’ of such a tree is completely natural here.


You can visit the tree in the Footprint Garden adjacent to the Visitors Pavilion. Another larger tree is located in the Sustainability Garden in the Nature Park.

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