Put Nature in Your Bath!

Ramat Hanadiv’s collaboration with the cosmetics firm Lavender brings you three kinds of natural soaps: Healing Herbs, Natural Peeling, and Goat Milk. They’re waiting for you in our InfoShop!


Ramat Hanadiv boasts a wealth of assets beneficial to health and well-being. In the Nature Park and Memorial Gardens grow fragrant, healing plants like lavender, rosemary, and lemongrass. The milk that comes from our goat pen is especially healthful, a result of the natural diet the goats consume in our fields every day (simultaneously helping to prevent wildfires). Most of this milk is sent to the Shomron Dairy in Binyamina, where it is transformed into quality cheeses.

Our goat milk and fragrant herbs are also the perfect raw ingredients for the cosmetics firm Lavender in Karkur, which manufactures pure, natural soaps.  Healing herbs, they tell us, nourish the skin with crucial vitamins and minerals, while cleansing and revitalizing it. Goat milk is known to help heal wounds and keep skin fresh and moist.

Collaborating with local businesses is one important expression of Ramat Hanadiv’s conceptual approach: to contribute to the community’s resilience and help preserve its environment through sustainable economic ventures.

That’s why we share our healing plants and goat milk with Lavender, which combines them with other natural ingredients to produce three kinds of soap:

  • Healing Herbs Soap, a blend of scented herbs and French green clay
  • Natural Peeling Soap, formulated with healing herbs and jojoba grains
  • Goat Milk Soap, enriched with essential oils of lavender and ylang-ylang.

These lovely soaps await you at our InfoShop, along with many other locally-made, environmentally sound products inspired by nature. Come to visit, see, and enjoy their aromas soon!

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