Gifting a Moment of Nature

The InfoShop in the Visitors Pavilion is a wonderful place to purchase gifts. The products it offers are based on consideration of the environment, inspiration from nature, innovation and creativity; you’ll find plants, games, art, natural cosmetics – some made by artists from the Gaza Envelope


We always recommend to those visiting the Gardens to come to the InfoShop, where they can ask the staff about the trails and activities and check out the diverse products. Within the framework of the project “Embracing the Gaza Envelope Residents with Love”, the InfoShop is also currently stocking products made by creators from the Gaza Envelope, such as original graphic prints on tree trunk slices by David and Rona Felsher from Moshave Sde Nitzan and cosmetic products by Arugot. The Arugot factory, which is located in Ofakim, produces natural and organic beauty products based on medical herbs and natural pharmacy. The InfoShop also offers boutique gardening tools – floral trowels, beautifully designed gardening gloves, watering cans, and gardening tools for children, as well as products illustrated with plants and flowers.