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So you decided to go on a summer hike and maybe have a picnic under one of the trees we’ve recommended here? Here are a few things to pick up at the InfoShop to upgrade your visit
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We’re happy you’ve chosen to spend time outside and get some fresh air. You can come lightly, with just a small bag, water, hat, and something to snack on; or you can plan a picnic, and then you’ll need a cool box, games, and maybe a guide to trees or birds and a good book. If you’re lacking something or you feel like upgrading, you’re welcome to visit our InfoShop; here you’ll find the All about Leaves activity book that we’ve written about here, as well as other things you can take with you when you go home or on your next visit. Here are a few ideas:

 A picnic basket like Little Red Riding Hood’s

When you stretch out under a nice shady tree, you immediately feel like snacking on something tasty. You can upgrade any picnic with the right delicacies and accessories. A round straw basket with upward opening lids is the classic picnic basket, just like the one we imagine Little Red Riding Hood carrying through the forest.

If you line it with a red-and-white chequered tablecloth, the effect increases. Of course, it’s not insulated, but you can put a picnic blanket, a set of reusable utensils, jams, spreads, crackers, rolls, biscuits, and other delicacies that don’t require refrigeration.

Available at the InfoShop in the Visitors Pavilion at Ramat Hanadiv. Price: 115 NIS

פוסטר עץ שורשים מונח על ספסל

This kind of family – a great poster to hang on the wall

Not only trees have roots and branches, families do too. The new school year will begin soon, and in many schools the children will be asked to prepare a project in which they have to create a family tree. The poster, This Kind of Family, by GilPosters, is a great backdrop for creating your family tree. The kit contains tags for the names of family members that can be cut out and stuck exactly in the place that suits you to create your own personal family tree. The poster is printed in full colour on wood-free paper with a page of games and instructions. Dimensions: 42 X 30 cm.

Available at the InfoShop in the Visitors Pavilion at Ramat Hanadiv

Price: 48 NIS

A set of reusable utensils

We strongly support a reduction in the use of disposables and the move to reusable utensils. In our InfoShop we offer reusable bottles and reusable picnic sets, like this set for example, that is suitable for four people and includes plastic plates and cups, cutlery, and a salt cellar.

Available at the InfoShop in the Visitors Pavilion at Ramat Hanadiv

Price: 85 NIS

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