Bringing back the wonder of nature

Education and study in nature, strengthening connections between different causes in the region, nurturing environmental–community initiatives – these are just a few of the educational projects that took place this year throughout the Partnership for Regional Sustainability


We live in an era in which technology advances rapidly, life expectancy is rising, accessibility to information is greater and the opportunity to purchase consumer items couldn’t be easier. During this period we are experiencing a decrease in interpersonal communication, social connections and time that we spend in natural spaces – this decrease influences community strength as well as our physical and mental health.

Education at Ramat Hanadiv and the Partnership for Regional Sustainability promotes, together with many partners in the region, educational processes that place emphasis on a united society that lives in a healthy environment. During the last year we led, promoted and supported educational programs and unique initiatives on themes of local identity, a connection to nature, social solidarity, biodiversity, and nature conservation. These themes were expressed via creative activity that celebrates cultural diversity and the wonder of nature.

The following link will take you on a short virtual tour that showcases the range of educational activities and programs that took place this year >> Education for Sustainability in a common space