Far From the Maddening Crowd / Life-Work-War Balance

Perhaps now is the time, despite all that’s happening, for us to take a deep breath. Are you looking for an end-of-year activity for your staff or department? We have plenty on offer, from peaceful, relaxing experiences to energetic, stimulating activities in nature.

קבוצה של אנשים יושבת במעגל בשטח הגנים

The life-work-war balance carries on. In the lead-up to the end of the civil year we invite you to come here for a unique, hands-on experience. We have a broad range of activities for organized groups and staff, in a convenient, safe location between Tel Aviv and Haifa, surrounded by nature and greenery, and we can prepare your breakaway according to your needs, budget and time constraints.

Your chosen activity can combine hiking in nature, workshops, guided tours, activities, wellness and relaxation, food, collecting edible plants, and talks on nature, environment and sustainability.

We would love to put together an enriching, bonding experience that is also hands-on and enjoyable – at your request.

For information and details you’re welcome to click here or speak to Daphna Lev Ari 04-6298176