And in the seventh year...CHERISH

Modeh Ani, I Thank You.

Before You and to You, For all the kindness and the truth and for the good and the bad and the good

That You’ve done for me and for my family and for my relatives and friends

And for my people and my land, And for the whole world and for the people You have created.

(Meir Ariel)

זנב סנונית נאה רחלי שוורץ-צחור

Shmita year is an opportunity to recognize and express our appreciation for all that exists — things that our hectic daily routines sometimes prevent us from noticing.

This is the time to give thanks for the things we cherish, that bring us joy and make our lives meaningful.

Write a postcard with a kind word to someone you love, cherish, and appreciate. Drop the card in the box, and we will send it for you.

The Memorial Gardens were created as a living, flowering memorial to Baron Edmond de Rothschild — to commemorate his life and honour his efforts to establish the renewed Yishuv in Eretz Israel.

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