Waste Management

Waste is a by-product of man’s daily conduct everywhere. Waste at Ramat Hanadiv is diverse and includes gardening waste, construction waste, leftover waste from visitors and employees and also sewage. Accordingly, waste treatment is diverse and includes aspects of recycling and sustainability.

ניהול פסולת

The waste collected at the picnic site is measured by volume at the time of removal and is taken to landfill. As can be seen in the diagram below, the volume of waste increases during the spring months and holiday periods. In order to decrease the amount of waste transferred to landfill we have begun a planning process for waste separation at source for the picnic site.

At the restaurant we are working on waste separation at source; in 2016 about 8,000 cans and bottles were sent to recycling. About 1,200 litres of used oil were collected and transferred to a special collection site. Cartons were separated and compressed, and a total of about 1,800 kg cardboard was sent to recycling during the year. Similarly, each month about three tons of organic waste are separated at the restaurant and sent to the compost site in nearby Hadera.

The waste in the operations area of Ramat Hanadiv, comprising the offices, storerooms, nursery, goat pen and more, is almost completely separated, and includes separation of paper, glass, plastic bottles, plastic bags and organic waste. The remaining waste collected from the restaurant, Visitors Pavilion, parking areas, offices, gardens and the Nature Park is compressed, weighed and transferred to landfill.

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