Candid Camera: Capturing Ramat Hanadiv’s Animals

Quietly, quietly, after the visitors have gone for the day, the denizens of the park allow themselves to roam about freely, emerging from the hiding places that human beings don’t usually see. As evening descends on the Nature Park, its animal kingdom begins to hum with life. Badgers, deer, porcupines, wild boar and jackals come out for their nightly pastimes.

How do we know what they’re up to?
Throughout the Nature Park, automatic cameras have been installed to follow the animals’ activities. Very few people have ever been there in person to see the entertaining, comical and often surprising moments that the lenses of these cameras have captured: wild boars cavorting at their pajama parties, sophisticated porcupines sneaking into the gardens to search for their favourite delicacies, gazelles and Carmel deer bounding over fences in a single leap.

How can you enjoy this amazingly rich universe of animals?
Especially for you, we’ve designed the website, ‘ Map Story’, where you’ll find the world of wildlife at Ramat Hanadiv as seen by our hidden cameras. Press on the ‘Map Story’ link below and enter the wonderful wildlife scene in our region through up-to-date information, pictures and film clips. 

Want to see what we’ve discovered? One click on the Story Map (in Hebrew only, for the moment)



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Physically Disabled in the Gardens

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Sustainable Gardening

Gardening in the previous century was characterized by high-maintenance garden design, ostentatious use of plants and inanimate elements foreign to the environment, and overuse of non-environmentally friendly fertilizers and pest control agents

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Dining Here


To complete your Ramat Hanadiv experience, you are cordially invited to enjoy the culinary pleasures of Mata’im, the cafe-restaurant on our premises.

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