Tools at Rest – An Active Trail about Taking a Break

This easy, pleasant trail, with seven inspirational stations for children and adults, will encourage you to think about what Shmita means for you. The stations provide a new, surprising perspective on the role and importance of rest in our lives.

The trail includes hands-on activities and thought exercises on a range of topics, all connected to the Shmita year.

The trail includes an interactive kit that you can use to play an active role at each station and discover what Shmita means for you:

We invite you to:

  • Listen to the whispers of nature at three special locations
  • Choose how to contribute to the environment by giving up on one habit
  • Say “thank you” and send a postcard to a loved one
  • Have your photo taken and share it on social media
  • Wish something for yourself or for the environment at the magical wishing tree
  • Relax, breath and rest at a beautiful landscape nook looking out over the sea
  • Enjoy a gift, a special breeding box
  • A unique station next to the mausoleum plaza – what did Baron Rothschild think about Shmita?

Our recommendations for a successful walk: don’t rush, take the time to practice resting | put any mobile devices in your pocket/bag.

Particularly suited to families | the kit (up to 5 participants) can be purchased for 20 NIS at the InfoShop.

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