Time for a Time‑out!

We’re kicking off the summer with an afternoon of sport, movement and inspiration, and you’re invited to participate in an event dedicated entirely to health and relaxation in the open air, facing the sunset, with the blooming gardens in the background. Tuesday, 26/5/20 from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm.

In honor of World Parks Day, on 24/5/20, we will run an event at Ramat Hanadiv dedicated entirely to connecting between health and physical activity in nature. During this event you’ll be able to participate in a range of workshops, including yoga, tai chi and pilates (Free participation with prior registration ( See link at the bottom of the page).

Many studies emphasize the positive effect of physical activity in nature. Physical activity in nature in comparison to other environments is linked to

Ramat Hanadiv Gardens, May 2018, Zichron Yaacov, Israel.
Ramat Hanadiv Gardens, May 2018, Zichron Yaacov, Israel.

a higher level of vitality, as well as positive effects on mental health. Even short visits to a natural environment lead to positive emotions, reduced illness, and increased longevity and feelings of well-being.

Therefore, Ramat Hanadiv is happy to offer you a different afternoon experience of workshops in the relaxing and magical atmosphere of the Gardens.

The workshops:

  • Yoga – a spiritual philosophy and physical-spiritual exercise usually practiced for health and enjoyment. The aim in yoga is to achieve a union between awareness and the spiritual self. This is a state in which the emotions are internalized and there are no thoughts to distract one’s attention. The workshop will be led by Ma’ayan Yakobi
  • Tai chi + chi kung– a popular Chinese martial arts that is practiced for
Ramat Hanadiv Gardens, May 2018, Zichron Yaacov, Israel.
  • both self-defense and health reasons, and is characterized by low muscle tone and particular attention to the body.  The workshop will be led by Gal Shachaf.
  • Pilates on the move – the participants will experience pilates on mats accompanied by music. The workshop will emphasize breathing and lengthening, and harmonious movement of the body while blending in with the surrounding natural environment. The workshop will be led by Dana Brener.

Did we mention inspiration and health?…

  • Participation in the event is free
  • The event is for adults only.
  • Each workshop lasts 45 minutes.
  • Please bring mattresses or/and towels

Free participation with prior registration >> https://forms.gle/MUMMyRqD3Zk9s51K8

Of further interest...


The Fragrance Garden

The Fragrance Garden, established in 1985, is the youngest of the Memorial Gardens. Seeking a way to enable people with limited or no eyesight to enjoy the flowers, Mme. Dorothy de Rothschild initiated the Fragrance Garden

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The Footprint Garden

The term ‘ecological footprint’ is taking shape in the western part of the Visitors Pavilion. A large gardening plot shaped like a foot lies in the middle of the area, with the heel pointing north, and the five toes, as one unit – to the south.

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Dining Here

Dining-The Picnic Site

The picnic area is located near the secondary parking lot. You are welcome to spend time there before or after your tour of the Gardens.

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