The Treasure That Never Ends

A sister and brother are given a gift from their father, a plot of land. The earth is parched and neglected, but their dad promises them that there’s a treasure hidden in it.

With all their energy, the brother and sister immediately begin to dig and turn over the soil, but they find not a thing. When they complain to their father, he insists that the treasure is there in the ground. While his son gives up and goes to search for shortcuts, trying to find a treasure for himself and no one else, his daughter begins to understand exactly what her wise father meant by a treasure.

In the end, the siblings come to understand that the earth itself is the treasure, and with perseverance, dedication, hard work, and of course love, the earth will reward them with more and more, like an endless treasure.

How good it is: Abundance and happiness emerge from a tiny seed planted in the earth. We invite you to a show that is totally about the values of labor, perseverance, love  and getting back in return from nature.

Play: Gil Chernovitz and Meital Salkmon-Rattan

Director: Gil Chernovitz

Music:  Gil Nagel

Actors: Meital Salkmon-Rattan, Elad Mizrachi

Produced by the Orna Porat Children’s Theatre, Tel Aviv

The performance is suitable for children aged 4-8.

האוצר שאינו נגמר תמונה 1
Photo by Kfir Buletin
  • Where? The performance will take place at the Amphitheatre in the Memorial Gardens, and will last about one hour.
  • When? Wednesday, 27 July, at 6.30 p.m.
  • How much? NIS 55 per participant (all adults and children aged 3 and up). Parking is free for participants.
  • The gates open at 6 p.m.
  • Seating is on mats or chairs (will be provided)
  • Accessibility: Arrange in advance by ringing 04 629 8104 .
  • Tickets do not have to be printed out.
  • Ramat Hanadiv reserves the right to make changes in the programme.

For further information: 04 629 8111, ext. 4.

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