Take a Break!

We invite you to come and visit Ramat Hanadiv during the magical summer afternoon hours, when the sun sets and gives way to the cool sea breeze – a perfect time to take a break.

In honour of the summer holidays we have decided to extend our opening hours in the afternoon.

Especially now, when we’re all out rediscovering our country, we invite you to the open, spacious landscapes, to come and enjoy some quality, screen-free time with your family, and to enjoy nature at its most beautiful hour.

Ramat Hanadiv will be open to visitors, free of charge, until 7:00 pm, Sundays to Thursdays to the end of August.

We’re waiting for you!


Upcoming Activities:


Are you ready to be professional forest detectives? –  28/07/2020

**Sold Out **

You must be prepared for every situation, to maintain good relations even with spiders, and most important — to solve problems for the forest’s animals.

If you love nature, join a forest detective for a special training session and discover the secrets of the nearby forest:

What are the hedgehogs always guarding?

How does a bird sound when it’s excited?

And what are the ants worried about?

A creative and surprising experiential encounter in nature, this is an opportunity for the whole family to take part and move things forward until the puzzle is solved.

The price of the activity: 25 NIS p/p for participants over the age of 4. Participants must register in advance!

Order tickets here >> https://www.eventer.co.il/jfnj3

Please note:

The Training will be given in Hebrew

The activity is suitable for ages 5+

It lasts for about an hour and a half

 Participants should come equipped with closed shoes, hats and water

Meeting point: The plaza at the InfoShop




A Lamplight Tour of the Gardens – 28/07/2020

**Sold Out **

Come discover the Gardens’ nightlife, illuminated by lamplight.

In the glow of our lamps, you’ll sharpen your senses, listen to nature’s night-time sounds, and enjoy a few surprises popping out of the darkness. Nature-by-night will reveal herself along with some shadowy new views of the Gardens and personalities you weren’t expecting to meet…

more details and registration here >>

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Other activities that may interest you

Of further interest...


Memorial Gardens Main Entrance

The main entrance to the Memorial Gardens – located next to the Visitors Pavilion. In the entrance plaza are temporary exhibitions on a range of subjects promoted by Ramat Hanadiv

For further information >>


Horticultural Therapy at Ramat Hanadiv

Many studies have demonstrated the link between a green environment, nature or flowering gardens and feelings of calmness and serenity, enjoyment and vitality

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Dining Here


Refresh yourself at the Kiosk with a drink or snack. The kiosk is open daily.

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