Imagine wide open spaces, green lawns, a breeze from the sea, and…performances for children!

Don’t miss the fun this July!

Bring the kids to some open-air entertainment as the sun goes down.

On Wednesdays evenings throughout July, at 6:30 p.m., the shows for children will begin, featuring various theater groups in Ramat Hanadiv’s Amphitheatre.

06/07 – Stone Soup

Three nomads wander the countryside, passing from village to village and seeking a bit of food, a place to rest, or to just meet people. In the village where they arrive, the folk hide themselves in their houses, not rushing to be of help. So the nomads decide to prepare some stone soup from a special traditional recipe, one that will open the hearts of the people. The curious villagers start coming out of their houses and gather round the pot of soup. Thus they become re-acquainted with each other and with the healing power of giving.

Photo by Tal Bedrack

The play is based on the folk tale, Button Soup/Stone Soup, which has appeared in many cultures throughout the years.

The language of the play brims with lively music and circus movement, humour and chants to accompany the nomad’s journey.

You’re all invited to come join the excitement and discover the secret of the soup!

Author and director: Roni Levanon Efraim

Original music and acting: Noki-Nofar Tzafroni-Yigal

Creating actors: Orit Greenfeld-Shor and Noa Yehudai-Cohen

The performance is suitable for ages 4+.

  • Where? The performance will take place at the Amphitheatre in the Memorial Gardens, and will last about one hour.
  • When? Wednesday, 6 July, at 6.30 p.m.
  • How much? NIS 55 per participant (all adults and children aged 3 and up). Parking is free for participants.
  • The gates open at 6 p.m.
  • Seating is on mats or chairs (will be provided)
  • Accessibility: Arrange in advance by ringing 04 629 8104 .
  • Tickets do not have to be printed out.
  • Ramat Hanadiv reserves the right to make changes in the programme.

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