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    Accessibility statement

    Accessibility arrangements at Ramat Hanadiv

    Ramat Hanadiv works hard to make its services accessible to people with disabilities in order to afford them a visiting experience that meets their unique requirements.

    In accordance with the law, our accessibility manager, Racheli Schwartz-Tzachor (Ph.D.), is available. If you encounter unique accessibility requests you’re welcome to contact us in one of the following ways:

    Telephone: 04-6298127 Fax: 04-6399117

    or Email: To Racheli

    The Memorial Gardens and Visitor Center are accessible except for the mausoleum.

    Disabled parking:

    Designated disabled parking bays may be found in the main and secondary parking lots.

    Disabled restrooms:

    Every facility that offers restrooms also offers designated disabled restrooms.

    Disabled Aids:

    • Devices for the hearing impaired are available in the InfoShop, classrooms, movie theater and auditorium and on training tours. For your convenience, contact us and let us know in advance about your visit in order to receive fast, easy service.
      Telephone: 04-6298111 ext. 4.
    • Wheelchairs may be hired from the InfoShop - for on-site visits.

    Website accessibility:

    Ramat Hanadiv invests effort and resources to make the organization’s website accessible so that disabled people will also be able to enjoy it.

    Restrictions to accessibility:

    As a general rule, all of the website’s pages were built to meet level AA conformance to web content accessibility. Nevertheless, despite our efforts to make all of the website’s pages accessible, it is possible that some parts of the site are still inaccessible. We note that a number of pages contain external components that are beyond our control and inaccessible. Therefore, the following pages do not meet the accessibility standard:



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Wastewater purification

Wastewater purification

Wastewater purification at Ramat Hanadiv is carried out in an independent purification system without external connections. The process includes directing the wastewater from the toilets and basins to a collection tank, from there to the wastewater purification system (WPS) and from the WPS the purified water is returned for irrigation. About 10–17 m3 water pass through the WPS each day. The WPS is of the Rotating Biological Contactor (RBC) type in which the wastewater purification takes place through the following stages (See below illustrated description as well):

  1. Septic tank – wastewater is collected to an underground septic tank located next to an innovative mechanical reactor.
  2. Mechanical reactor – the mechanical reactor filters out wet wipes and female sanitation products, squeezes them, and using a mechanical arm throws them into a garbage bin installed outside of the septic tank.
  3. Balance tank – the wastewater flows from the septic tank to the balance tank, from which it is pumped and transferred in measured amounts, and at a fixed frequency, to the settling tanks.
  4. Settling tanks – in the three settling tanks, solids and fats are separated from the liquids. The liquid sewage flows onwards to the purification tank.
  5. “Bio-Disk” purification tank – this tank contains disks with a high surface area that enables development of large bacterial colonies. Each disk rotates constantly, with one half inside the wastewater and one half outside of it, exposed to the air. The movement of the disks and their exposure to the air causes assimilation of oxygen and a process of aerobic metabolism carried out by bacteria in a way that ensures rapid, high-quality purification of the wastewater. From the Bio-Disk tank the water flows to a clearing tank.
  6. Clearing tank – in this tank the water is cleared through a system of lamella separators that filter the excess sewage sludge from the purified water. The excess sewage sludge sinks to the bottom of the tank and is transferred by an automatic pump to a special tank for sewage sludge collection. The purified water flows to the pooling tank.
  7. Pooling tanks – the purified wastewater is stored in this tank.
  8. Pooling tank for irrigation – the high-quality purified water is stored in the pooling tanks, before flowing out for irrigation.
  9. Drip irrigation – the purified water flows through purple pipes (designed for purified water) to irrigate the research plot where we grow white willow for research purposes. The research examines whether white willow can be used as a forage plant for goats and sheep, and which health benefits it provides for them.

Wastewater Purification Sysytem Illustration

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