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    Accessibility statement

    Accessibility arrangements at Ramat Hanadiv

    Ramat Hanadiv works hard to make its services accessible to people with disabilities in order to afford them a visiting experience that meets their unique requirements.

    In accordance with the law, our accessibility manager, Racheli Schwartz-Tzachor (Ph.D.), is available. If you encounter unique accessibility requests you’re welcome to contact us in one of the following ways:

    Telephone: 04-6298127 Fax: 04-6399117

    or Email: To Racheli

    The Memorial Gardens and Visitor Center are accessible except for the mausoleum.

    Disabled parking:

    Designated disabled parking bays may be found in the main and secondary parking lots.

    Disabled restrooms:

    Every facility that offers restrooms also offers designated disabled restrooms.

    Disabled Aids:

    • Devices for the hearing impaired are available in the InfoShop, classrooms, movie theater and auditorium and on training tours. For your convenience, contact us and let us know in advance about your visit in order to receive fast, easy service.
      Telephone: 04-6298111 ext. 4.
    • Wheelchairs may be hired from the InfoShop - for on-site visits.

    Website accessibility:

    Ramat Hanadiv invests effort and resources to make the organization’s website accessible so that disabled people will also be able to enjoy it.

    Restrictions to accessibility:

    As a general rule, all of the website’s pages were built to meet level AA conformance to web content accessibility. Nevertheless, despite our efforts to make all of the website’s pages accessible, it is possible that some parts of the site are still inaccessible. We note that a number of pages contain external components that are beyond our control and inaccessible. Therefore, the following pages do not meet the accessibility standard:



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Reintroduction of roe deer to the Carmel Ridge. A study of acclimization and dispersal

Reintroduction of roe deer  to  the Carmel Ridge. A study of acclimization and dispersal
The roe deer Capreolus capreolus ranges extensively in the palaearctic region From Britain to the Iberian Peninsular, Scandinavia, Poland, Western USSR, Siberia east to the Sea of Japan, Manchuria, Parts of China and Korea, it also occurs in Transcaucasia, Asia Minor and Iran. In Arabia it was found in the forested mountains of the northern parts of the region. The sub species C. capreolus coxi was described by Tristram in "the bare hilly country of North East Galilee" and later it was recorded from Mount Carmel. Roe deer disappeared from the Carmel region in 1912. Following a large hunt organized by a German butcher from Haifa. A plan was made by the NRA to reintroduce roe deer to the Carmel by establishing a breeding nucleus in the Hai-Bar Carmel. Deer were brought from Holland, Hungary and France. In 1996 five animals were released in the Hai-Bar area, three of which died a day after release, another surviving a week and the fifth presumed dead after a month. Due to low predation pressure and high availability of drinking water, Ramat HaNadiv was selected as being the preferred reintroduction site. In 1997 the first releases of four does and one buck were made. Since then, we monitored the Ramat HaNadiv deer population using radio telemetry and other tracking techniques. Preliminary results on the acclimatization and dispersal of the roe deer at the Ramat HaNadiv Park are described.  
Bill Woodley 
SPNI and Yad HaNadiv

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