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    Accessibility statement

    Accessibility arrangements at Ramat Hanadiv

    Ramat Hanadiv works hard to make its services accessible to people with disabilities in order to afford them a visiting experience that meets their unique requirements.

    In accordance with the law, our accessibility manager, Racheli Schwartz-Tzachor (Ph.D.), is available. If you encounter unique accessibility requests you’re welcome to contact us in one of the following ways:

    Telephone: 04-6298127 Fax: 04-6399117

    or Email: To Racheli

    The Memorial Gardens and Visitor Center are accessible except for the mausoleum.

    Disabled parking:

    Designated disabled parking bays may be found in the main and secondary parking lots.

    Disabled restrooms:

    Every facility that offers restrooms also offers designated disabled restrooms.

    Disabled Aids:

    • Devices for the hearing impaired are available in the InfoShop, classrooms, movie theater and auditorium and on training tours. For your convenience, contact us and let us know in advance about your visit in order to receive fast, easy service.
      Telephone: 04-6298111 ext. 4.
    • Wheelchairs may be hired from the InfoShop - for on-site visits.

    Website accessibility:

    Ramat Hanadiv invests effort and resources to make the organization’s website accessible so that disabled people will also be able to enjoy it.

    Restrictions to accessibility:

    As a general rule, all of the website’s pages were built to meet level AA conformance to web content accessibility. Nevertheless, despite our efforts to make all of the website’s pages accessible, it is possible that some parts of the site are still inaccessible. We note that a number of pages contain external components that are beyond our control and inaccessible. Therefore, the following pages do not meet the accessibility standard:



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Blooming inspiration

Blooming inspiration

Spring is still here, and the Ramat Hanadiv Memorial Gardens provide inspiration to all those who want to develop their home gardens. Come to discover what’s flowering now in each corner and at each height.

We have already been through two spring heat-waves, and the short sleeves have taken over our wardrobes. Even the natural areas are taking on a yellowish hue. Nevertheless, the bountiful flowering in private and public gardens, which continues to surprise with its vitality, reminds us that spring is still here. This is not the late winter flowering, but a different intensity of color that amazes us with its splendor. Wherever you gaze you will meet it, dancing on the trees, gazing at eye level from the shrubs and sprawling on the ground like a magic carpet. Now is the time to derive blooming inspiration, and where else but in the Ramat Hanadiv Memorial Gardens, where you can enjoy an ‘open display’ of the romantic season in a range of colors, scents and heights.

And if we’re talking about romance, then let’s begin with the roses. This is the peak of their flowering, densely covering the shrubs and adorning every home flower arrangement. The Rose Garden presents a rich diversity of species, while on the main path flowers a rose of the Rothschild variety, with dozens of petals in deep pink that have an amazing scent. Even the cynical among us will find it hard to remain indifferent to this beauty.

ורדים ברמת הנדיב











In addition to these classic blooms, this is the season to look up toward the tall trees, in particular the deciduous ones that accumulated energy during their winter hibernation. These are now adorned with flowers on their exposed branches. Unique among them is the cockspur coral tree that received its name due to the shape of its red-orange flowers that resemble a cockscomb. At the Ramat Hanadiv Memorial Gardens there is one coral tree that flowers in pink. It is a worth a visit even just for this tree.

אלמוגן כרבולתי

At eye level, right at the main entrance to the Gardens, the yellow iris will grab your attention. Rising up from the ornamental ponds to a height of 1.5 meters, its appearance is so aristocratic and impressive that is hard to pass by without stopping to gaze at it for a moment.

At the eye level of the youngsters are the perennial herbs, balls of flowers on the ground in a mass of color and impressive volume.

The marguerite daisy is a heartwarming example; its dense blooms cover the entire shrub, creating a strong burst of color. The blooms are so dense that in comparison, at wilting, the shrub looks miserable and seems to resemble a seasonal plant. Patient gardeners prune the wilted blooms and enjoy a roundish, green shrub until the next wave of flowering. More open, but no less impressive, are Salvia ‘Indigo Spires’ in blue, and dark pink valerian, which join forces in low, herbaceous blooming.

חרציות בגן המפלים

In the Footprint Garden, you can meet an ancient honorary guest – Spanish broom. Its height often exceeds its width, creating a tall, narrow shrub with erect batons covered in aromatic, yellow flowers typical of the legume family. At ground level in the Footprint Garden you can enjoy the sprawling carpets. The soft pink Mexican evening primrose will continue to spread until early summer, attracting butterflies.

Flowering is also known to stimulate our sense of smell; the ‘scent champion’ during this season is Lathyrus odoratus, familiar to us as sweet pea. This is an annual climber that in one season germinates, grows, flowers and wilts. Its stem is fragile and grabs onto anything that can support it on its way upward. Its flower color varies from purple through pink to white, and its scent is intoxicating in its sweetness. A small bunch will perfume a large room! Don’t hesitate, as more flowers are picked, the sweet pea continues to flower in order to produce more seeds, and thus you will enjoy the flowering of the next generation.

And we can’t finish without the nasturtium that blends in pleasantly with all the others without dominating; it sends out stems, climbs, slides down or creates broad, round cushions with leaves that wobble like plates on poles. The flowers are yellow, orange and maroon. If you leave it, it will self-seed and reappear next year.






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