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Sustainable Connections

The 2017 project year for The Partnership for Regional Sustainability was launched under the theme: “Connecting, Cooperation and Expanding Circles of Active Members”

Thirty-five community and educational projects got underway this year in the Partnership for Regional Sustainability. Twelve of these were new projects, joining other projects that are now in their third year. The new projects are spread throughout the entire region, and cover a range of themes including: reducing consumption – a second hand shop in Binyamina; an outdoor library in Zikhron Ya’akov, a library of things; maintaining open spaces around the community – a community garden in Binyamina; managing the Langa Grove in Zikhron Ya’akov and sustainable renovation of the youth center in Aviel. The existing projects continue in built-up and open spaces throughout the region, operating in partnership with residents, business owners and farmers: along the Taninim River, in the Alot Ada Forest, in the pedestrian mall of Zikhron Ya’akov. All of these create waves of activity in the spirit of sustainability, reviving the region’s communities.

Out of a desire to improve support and guidance for the projects, and with the aim of strengthening cooperation among projects throughout the region of the partnership, we developed a new model this year – content clusters.

Content clusters will enable project leaders to connect with each other based on a common field of interest or main focus of activity. For these people, we initiated mutual learning while encouraging cooperation across the region.

One of the main challenges raised by the project leaders during the first meeting this year was recruitment of active members to the projects. How can we recruit new active members and how do we maintain the motivation of existing active members? For this purpose, we set up a unique meeting in which the project leaders developed and defined a vision for each project. The following meeting will deal with interactions between the project leaders and the active members.

The meetings of the project leaders’ forum, both in the broad context and in the context of content clusters, provide a solution to the need for connections among fields of content, among municipalities, and most importantly – among people.

For further reading about the project activities: Hashutfut


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